For UR5EQF_log log program users it is an opportunity to export their data to this server by using UR5EQF-LOG-TO-HTML 2.0 utility.

Currently to obtain the password you need to send E-mail with your callsign to address In response E-Mail password will be sent to you.


Bugreports are also welcome.


It can be dynamicly generated summaries in .jpg pictures format. Example of their application can be viewed here at page bottom.

Thee types of summaries generators are available now. You can refer to them by inserting a tag of type like <img alt="" src="" /> to your page.

Picture contents. Picture generator name Complete tag for inserting, need to replace the callsign to yours. Examle.
Last 10 uploaded QSO top10.php <img alt="" src="" />
Last 10 received QSL last10rcvdQSL.php <img alt="" src="" />
Last 10 sent QSL last10sentQSL  <img alt="" src="" />